BRC’s solutions and services are built from a standpoint of minimizing downtime in case of emergency. When disaster strikes in any form, it’s our business to get your business back up and running optimally as soon as possible.

We specialize in Private Cloud Hosting that complies with the most rigorous industry standards for security. Our data center partner operates one of the few Tier 4 data centers in the US; Tier 4 is the most highly rated and secure data center model in the industry, guaranteeing 99.995% availability of your data and a fully ‘fault-tolerant’ system that includes multiple power sources, chillers and HVACs, and dually stored data; this means you can access your data as soon as you need it. With our nightly scheduled server backups, you can rest easy knowing there’s an up-to-date copy of your valuable information ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

BRC provides the following Solutions and Services to our client base:


We also offer a range of Secure Hosted IT Platforms, or SHIPS. These full, turn-key IT solutions feature:


New technologies are offering more flexibility and more security, and are continuing to grow in popularity: adoption of Cloud-based services in the SMB sector promises to grow 33-44% in the coming year. The term ‘cloud’ is widely used, but what does it really entail? Typical clouds, hosted by large corporations or software developers allow you to pay a scalable, monthly or yearly fee to access their servers and products, and to store your own data. This opens up a range of possibilities for more mobile computing and enables you to use new services and systems without having to manage them manually or pay for expensive hardware. The issue with public or multi-tenant clouds is that you run the risk of data corruption from bad ‘neighbors’; private cloud computing offers you the expanded possibilities of the Cloud without the risks, keeping your data hosted on a private server so that you can share it safely around your office and with trusted partners.

We offer a full range of Secure Hosted IT Platforms, or SHIPS. These full, turn-key IT solutions feature: